Illegal Downloads

Illegal Downloads

Illegal Downloads

Illegal Downloads

How to Protect Your Thank You Sales Pages From Illegal Downloads

Don’t Forget to Secure Your Downloadable Products Thank You Pages!


Internet marketing is big business and therefore attracts unscrupulous people who steal your digital products right from under your nose, very often simply by accessing your thank you or download pages.


It is estimated that over half of all the eBooks and software in use today are stolen or pirated copies, with many people selling these illegally or unsubscribe from the legal distribution channels, generating income for hackers and e-stealers.


Internet marketers are very aware of this fact but through a lack of management, due to which, the numbers of thank you pirates is increasing, they are also becoming more and more nervous.


Some of the annoying consequences of having your Thank you download stolen or pirated is that you have no way of actually tracking where the download originated from, was it from a linkedin, torrent, or any other means?


While you can go to those links and check out the file sizes, the fact is that your attention will naturally be on the supposed illegal download, rather than the legal one.


Distributing your digital products are thank provided that you have taken certain steps to protect them. The first and basic step in Thank you Security is to actually create a thank you download page.


Step 1: After you have decided to create the thank you download page, you need to input or input your thank you password.


Step 2: Once you have input your thank you password, you need to create a medium to large size thank you download link. The medium should be big enough to meet with at least one abuse alleges. Remember, that size does not matter.


Step 3: After you have created your medium, you need to tell it to download your digital product so that it can be sent safely to the lucky recipient.


Step 4: Finally, you need to tell the buyer that you can’t reship his/her digital purchase because of the electronic breakdown, as a result they will have to part with their money in order to keep the transaction legitimate.


By using digital download protection software and establishing a secure payment network, you can make sure that your thank you downloads are DRM protected and will not be shared with citizens who intend to pirate your goods.


The buyer and seller thanks you for suggesting this technique to avoid illegal downloads. This technique offers you a useful service as it allows you to distribute your products at no cost and with no risk to you, whereas still enjoying the 80% of your net profits.Illegal DownloadsIllegal DownloadsIllegal DownloadsIllegal Downloads


These steps will, of course, improve your odds of selling as well as distribute your products.


Step 5: Spread the word through friends and family.


Let us say you have a marketing script that you are selling. If you promote a business through email, at the very least you need to begin a dialogue with your prospects and friends to see if they would be interested in what you have to offer. A few samples of the dialogues you might have are:

 สล็อตเว็บตรงไม่ผ่านเอเย่นต์1: Thank you for choosing my product!


2: I bought your product but I need to know where it is shipped


3: I will like to know when my Buyer gets his/her bonus.


4: I want to know when the shipping will be completed.


5: Won’t you consider using PayPal? They have 24 hour support and will solve whatever problems you have.

Illegal Downloads